Monday, September 17, 2018

New Moon Love Magic

The New Moon basically means that the Moon is anywhere from 0-45 degrees directly ahead of the Sun. Projects get off to an empowering start when they're begun under the New Moon.
New Moon workings can be done from the day of, to 3 1/2 days after. I always try to get to a spell the day of the New Moon to pack an extra witchie-woman wallop! You are likely to see results either by the Full Moon or the next New Moon. Anything that involves self-improvement, farming, love, romance, or networking seems to reap big results under the New Moon. Personally, I've experienced great success when I get my hair cut during the New Moon (of course, I consider what astrological sign the Moon is in). My hair will grow really fast and have more oomph.
Some folks get a bit uncomfortable talking about spells, while others just think the whole subject is pretty hokey. I want you to know that I really do respect The Craft, I'm not poking fun at this stuff. It does actually work. As far as all the formalities go....well, it turned me off from spell-casting for a long time. All that stuff about sacred circles, consecrating this and that, dressing candles, etc.... just seems unnecessary and like, Again no disrespect to Wiccans or any other faith for that matter, but it all seems kinda pretentious to me. It's like a Catholic cathedral with all kinds of pretty stained-glass windows, stunningly beautiful, but God would love you just the same amount in your own bedroom at home.
I've been to Pagan events where all the ceremonial stuff really moved me, because of all the teamwork and love involved. Although, if I'm at my kitchen counter, I'm not going to make a big production about it. Spells are basically about voicing your intentions to the Universe. And this spell, my dear reader, is about drawing love into your life.
Before I go any further, I must warn you. To try to alter a person's free will is a serious karmic offense. To try to break up a couple, just so you can worm your way in...well, that's just bad mojo and shame on you! The Universe doesn't suffer fools, so if your intentions aren't good, read no further.
That being said, there comes a time in everyone's life when they feel a bit lonely and unloved. This lil' gem of a spell will have you feeling all warm and fuzzy in no time at all. Perform it during a New Moon, but never while it is void of course.
Begin by working at your altar, your night stand, or your kitchen counter. Whatever floats your boat. I'm sure there's a tradition-obsessed witch out there with her face screwed up like she just smelled a turd saying, "Well I never! You MUST have an altar! You MUST cleanse and cast the circle! You MUST greet the Lord and Lady !" Fiddlesticks! All spells are ceremonies one does to kick their visualization into over-drive. They give you a sense of security, knowing that you at least did SOMETHING to help a situation along. Why, I bet you could read this spell, visualize every single step in vivid detail and still manifest the same results that you would if you went through the trouble of actually doing it. At last, I digress....
When I'm about to "get my spell on" I holla at my guardian angel, Gloria to come along for the ride. We used to be closer when I was a wee lass. I'm going to try to kick it more with Gloria. I read somewhere a long time ago that angels can't help you unless you ASK them first. So ask already! Some folks prefer to have what they call an invocation where they say a bunch of stuff that rhymes and lightening shoots out of angry clouds outside and thunder booms from a distance. Me? I just do something like this...."Hey, Gloria, it's me, Tonyana! What's up with ya?"
Warm feelings throughout my body.
"Ummm...yeah, well I was having a problem with_______ and I thought that maybe we could work together on game?"
More tingles, my arm hairs stand on end.
"Sweet! Well. Let's get crackin'!"
If you don't know your guardian angel's name (most people don't) maybe just ask for it in meditation. You could also tell yourself to reveal it in your dreams tonight, or maybe just refer to them as Angel and leave it at that. Be honest and direct in what you're attempting to do, and remember to harm none.
Ahhhh Love.....
Get two small, pink candles and etch the word "LOVE" in them. Write down on an index card (or something equally suitable) what specifically you want. I prefer not to mention specific names. You could say you want a companion, or a lover, or maybe just a cuddly pet to nuzzle you awake in the mornings. Cut a red heart out of construction paper. Burn the candles for about five minutes, or so. You want the index card in the middle face-up with the red heart on top of it. Move the candles just a little bit closer together so that they are practically on the card, then snuff them out. Do this same procedure for two more days, moving the candles closer together, until on the third day they're touching each other on top of the card and heart. Let the candles burn themselves out. Sleep with the card and heart underneath your pillow for a night. Before you go to bed, make sure you tell the Universe and your  angel, "Thanks!".
If this is all too hocus-pocus for you, know  that spells really aren't that necessary either. You could just as easily get the same results by burning a nubby candle in a color that reminds you of love, etching the word LOVE in it, laying back and visualizing what you really want for 10 minutes a night, until the candle burns out. It's all in what you believe, really. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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